Free Movies for everyone, This site catalogs movies available to watch online with your iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Smartphone or other mobile device. PC users can also watch them as well. Movies are checked daily for being available. Our goal is to make it easier to find movies to watch by simply clicking the PLAY button. Here are some answers to questions you may have

FLV Player For Newer Androids For some reason Adobe FLV Player is NOT installed on newer Androids purchased in the last few months like Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note/Note 2 and many other manufactures and models. BUT YOU CAN GET IT. You have to manually install it.

1. Go To: Adobe Flash Player Archives

2. Scroll down to: Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives

3. Click on: Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 ( or Or Click Here

4. This will Download the .apk


1. Go To Settings, Security

2. Find: Unknown Sources - Turn it On (this allows installing apps that are from an .apk when not from the App Store)

3. Browse to the file you downloaded. Click on it to install. Follow the instructions your device gives you.

4. Once installed - go back to Settings/Security and turn off Unknown Sources.

Where do the movies come from? Generally the movies are found on YouTube. We find the movies that are listed and can be embedded. This allows us to show the movie in player provided by YouTube to show the movie hosted on YouTube.

What about copyrighted Movies? We don't host the movies or videos and rely on the Trusted Source YouTube to enforce copyright laws.

If YouTube determines a movie is in violation of copyright, they remove the video immediately which removes it from our site.

We constantly check to see if movies have been removed so we don't list them anymore.

Movies disappear, what happened to them? You may have seen a movie on the site you wanted to see  and when you came back it was gone.

Movies are removed for copyright infringement, when a YouTube users account is closed, when a YouTube user makes a video private or prohibits embbeding. 

Some movies are only up a few hours and then disappear for any of the above mentioned reasons, so check often and get the movies you want when you see them available

Movies Are Slow, Why? Most likely it is related to your connection to youTube servers. You can check your connection speed here

What is the Pop Out? There are several ways a movie can be delivered to your machine from YouTube. In the provided HTML5 embedded player, in an HTTP stream (Pop Out) or from a browser player.

Pop Out provides the HTTP stream that works well in IOS (iPhone, iPad) systems.

What if I own the copyright to a movie on the site. How do I get it removed? Click Here To Go To YouTubes DMCA Policy