Actors and Actresses that are in movies listed on our site. Find the actor/actress you want and click on their name to see a list of movies they are in that we have in our movie catalog. The listed actors and actresses come from IMDB and sometimes have foreign characters in them so they may be listed more than once. We keep a list of actors/actresses that are in the top 10 listed.

List Of Actors In Movies On The Site (Order by FIRST Name, Example to find Clint Eastwood, CLICK ON LETTER C. Then click on the name to see the movies they are in on this site
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Aaron Beyer
Aaron Lustig
Aaron Neville
Aaron Yoo
Abby Meates
Abel Fernandez
Abra Sampson Moore
Ace Ross
Adam Copeland
Adam Fulton
Adam Scott
Adam Sterritt
Adam West
Addie Yungmee
Adeline De Walt Reynolds
Aden Young
Adriana Caselotti
Adrienne Shelly
Ajax Davis
Akai Osei-Mansfield
Aki Aleong
Akira Ishida
Akira Terao
Al Waxman
Alain Goulem
Alain Prost
Alan Autry
Alan Clennell
Alan Curtis
Alan Del Tufo
Alan Ehrlich
Alan Frazier
Alan Scarfe
Alan Shearman
Alan Stock
Alan Thicke
Alanna Ubach
Alastair Sim
Albert Pia
Alejandro Bracho
Alek Gearhart
Alex Craig Mann
Alex Goode
Alex Hood
Alex Kaluzhsky
Alex Karras
Alex Meneses
Alex Pirnie
Alex Ringheimer
Alexandra Delli Colli
Alexandra Goodman
Alexandra Picatto
Alexandros Mylonas
Ali Kat
Alibe Parsons
Alicia Witt
Alisha May
Allyson Ames
Alva Fuller
Amanda Brooks
Amanda Dilma
Amanda Garwood
Amanda Leighton
Amber Lynn Francis
Amber Marshall
Amy Amerson
Amy J. Carle
Amy Pietz
Amy Sloan
Amy Smith
Andre De Shields
Andre Todorovic
Andrea Brambilla
Andrea Hartford
Andrei Ionescu
Andres Marquis
Andrew Carrillo
Andrew Jackson
Andrew John Tait
Andrew Seear
Andrew Spinks
Andrzej Grabarczyk
Andy Bailey
Andy Callaghan
Andy Gibb
Andy Hockley
Andy Luotto
Anessa Ramsey
Angela Goethals
Angelica Padilla
Angelo Esposito
Angie Everhart
Aniela McGuinness
Anise Fuller
Ann Jillian
Ann Knox
Ann Moy
Ann Pellegrino
Ann Prentiss
Anna Brggemann
Anna Friel
Anna Karin
Anna Maxwell Martin
Annabel Kershaw
Anne Bellamy
Anne Tremko
Annie Pascale
Annie Wersching
Anthony Burlington-Smith
Anthony Dean Rubes
Anthony DeSando
Anthony Guidera
Anthony Higgins
Anthony Hornus
Anthony Okungbowa
Anthony Rapp
Anthony Samuels
Anthony Schaeffer
Antonio Royuela
Antonio Sabato
Armando Capo
Arnie Cox
Arnold Lessing
Aron Kincaid
Art Roberts
Art Smith
Arthur Pierce
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