Actors and Actresses that are in movies listed on our site. Find the actor/actress you want and click on their name to see a list of movies they are in that we have in our movie catalog. The listed actors and actresses come from IMDB and sometimes have foreign characters in them so they may be listed more than once. We keep a list of actors/actresses that are in the top 10 listed.

List Of Actors In Movies On The Site (Order by FIRST Name, Example to find Clint Eastwood, CLICK ON LETTER C. Then click on the name to see the movies they are in on this site
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A.D. Barker
A.J. Lamas
Aaron Himelstein
Abe Gibron
Abe Zwick
Adam Brody
Adam Grech
Adam Johnson
Adam LeFevre
Adam Nathan
Adam Pally
Adam Robertson
Adam Wade
Addison Powell
Adolfo Lira Ortiz
Adriano Cortese
Ahmad Razvi
Ahmed Ahmed
Alan C. Peterson
Alan Deveau
Alan Ford
Alan Hale
Alan McRae
Albert Chan
Aldo Palucci
Alec Guinness
Aleka Paizi
Alex D. Linz
Alex DeBetak
Alex Gerry
Alex Man
Alexander Grand
Alexandra Maria Lara
Alexis Denisof
Alexis Smith
Alexz Johnson
Alice Arno
Alice Dinnean
Alice Knapton
Alister Williamson
Allan Morgan
Allison Cratchley
Allison Hossack
Allison Miller
Alonso Oyarzun
Aloysia Gavre-Wareham
Alvaro Orlando
Alvin Alexis
Alvin Kupperman
Aly Michalka
Alyson Lowe
Alyssa Milano
Amanda Fullerton
Amanda Pennington
Amanda Philipson
Amber Borycki
Amber Lynn Benson
America Young
Amy Cannon Bryant
Amy Kelly
Amy Rasimas Holt
Anatoli Karpov
Andre Benjamin
Andre Eikmeier
Andre McCoy
Andreas Katsulas
Andrew Chalmers
Andrew Fortinberry
Andrew Hamer
Andrew Loviska
Andy Bolliger
Aneliese Roettger
Angela Cartwright
Angela Deamer
Angela Giddings
Angela Moore
Angela Ware
Angelika Libera
Angie Brown
Angie Sciarappa
Ania Pieroni
Anita Dangler
Anita Nicole Brown
Ankur Bhatt
Ann Dowd
Ann Firbank
Anna Orso
Anna Watican
Anna Zinnemann
Annabella Sciorra
Anndi McAfee
Anne Ramsey
Anne Stedman
Annett Culp
Annie Blankenship
Anthony Barton
Anthony Bowling
Anthony Bushell
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Zerbe
Antoine John Mottet
Antonette Terry
Antoni Corone
Antonio Banderas
April Margera
Arch Archambault
Arfan Usman
Arian Ash
Arielle Kebbel
Art Linkletter
Art Metrano
Art. James
Arte Johnson
Arthur Aulisi
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Hinson
Ashley Scott
Ashlynn Ross
Ashraf Hamdi
Ashton Kutcher
Assi Hanegbi
Atanas Srebrev
Audrey Campbell
Austin Highsmith
Ava Hunt
Aaron Brown
Aaron J. Alberts
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