Actors and Actresses that are in movies listed on our site. Find the actor/actress you want and click on their name to see a list of movies they are in that we have in our movie catalog. The listed actors and actresses come from IMDB and sometimes have foreign characters in them so they may be listed more than once. We keep a list of actors/actresses that are in the top 10 listed.

List Of Actors In Movies On The Site (Order by FIRST Name, Example to find Clint Eastwood, CLICK ON LETTER C. Then click on the name to see the movies they are in on this site
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A.D. Miles
A.J. Stabone
Aaron Ashmore
Aaron Ginn-Forsberg
Aaron Harnick
Aaron Smith
Abishek J. Bajaj
Adam Gehrke
Adam Hesse
Adam Wylie
Adrian Bustamante
Adrian Elliot
Adrian Hough
Adriana Millan
Aeron Beckham
Agnes Moorehead
Agnieszka Wagner
Agostina Belli
Aidan Potter
Aja Pollock
Akbar Kurtha
Akihiro Kitamura
Akiji Kobayashi
Al Avedon
Al Darrouch
Alan Bennett
Alan Lambert
Alan Sciranko
Albany Livingstone
Albert Reed
Aldine King
Aldo Mengolini
Aleks Paunovic
Aleksandr Shvorin
Alessio Aronne
Alessio Boni
Alex Berg
Alex Higgins
Alex Jennings
Alex Lifeson
Alex Rice
Alex Thompson
Alexander D'Arcy
Alexander Radszun
Alexander Roy
Alexandra Bastedo
Alexandra Stewart
Alexandra Vandernoot
Alexi Parkin
Alexia Fast
Alfie Scopp
Alfred Ryder
Ali Hamedani
Alice Evans
Alice Snow Johnson
Alinor Ben Menashe
Alison Eastwood
Alison Miller
Alize Albuquerque
Allan Katz
Allan Lysell
Allen Lieb
Allen Tackett
Allison Adams
Allison Hayes
Allison Ochmanek
Alma Real
Alpha Acosta
Alvaleta Guess
Alvy Moore
Amanda Cannings
Amanda Hill
Amber Tamblyn
Amy Stewart
Andra St. Ivanyi
Andre M. Carrington
Andrea Anderson
Andrea Evans
Andreas Rylander
Andrei Finti
Andrew Evans
Andrew Hawkins
Andromeda Jones
Andy Anderson
Aneurin Barnard
Angela Bath
Angela Galbraith
Angelina Jolie
Angus MacInnes
Ann Michelle
Ann Teal
Anna Elisabeth Taylor
Anna Faris
Anna Ferguson
Anna Fraczak
Anna Keaveney
Anna Liberati
Anna Maria Rizzoli
Annarita Grapputo
AnnaSophia Robb
Anne Bartoletti
Anne Lange
Anne Libert
Anne Lockhart
Anne Wyndham
Annette Badland
Annie Corley
Anthony Crivello
Anthony Eden
Anthony Finigan
Anthony Franciosa
Anthony Heald
Anthony Hughes
Anthony Mongiello
Anthony Newley
Anthony Quinn
Anton Saunders
Antonella Vitale
Antonia Corrigan
Antonio Pierfederici
Aphrodite Vuitton
April Dawn Duncan
April Depee
Aranzazu Diez
Ariana Gorini
Arik Lavie
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