Actors and Actresses that are in movies listed on our site. Find the actor/actress you want and click on their name to see a list of movies they are in that we have in our movie catalog. The listed actors and actresses come from IMDB and sometimes have foreign characters in them so they may be listed more than once. We keep a list of actors/actresses that are in the top 10 listed.

List Of Actors In Movies On The Site (Order by FIRST Name, Example to find Clint Eastwood, CLICK ON LETTER C. Then click on the name to see the movies they are in on this site
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Aadila Dosani
Aaron Barr
Aaron Hooks
Aaron Smolinski
Abe Dewing
Abraham Benrubi
Adam Deacon
Adam Deyoe
Adam Ferrara
Adam G.
Adam Hendershott
Adrian Galley
Adrian Webster
Adrienne Posta
Adrienne Starrs
Afemo Omilami
Agi Margitai
Agnes Chan
Aidan Quinn
Aileen Fitzpatrick
Aimee Brooks
AJ Michalka
Aja Munsell
Akemi Royer
Al Alu
Al Mancini
Al Molinaro
Al Pacino
Al Richardson
Al Torrieri
Al Wiggins
Alain Delon
Alan Brandon
Alan Fawcett
Alan Hewitt
Alan Steele
Alana Rader
Alanne Perry
Alba Clemente
Albert Popwell
Albert Schultz
Alberto Dell'Acqua
Alessandra Muir
Alex Ballar
Alex Henteloff
Alex Ivanovici
Alex Kaufman
Alex Lastewka
Alexa Davidson
Alexia Rasmussen
Alexis Cruz
Alfred Lutter III
Alfred Ntombela
Ali Hames
Ali Hillis
Ali Lohan
Alice Gordon
Alice Krige
Alice L. Walker
Alice May
Alice Zhang Hung
Alicia Silverstone
Alison Monda
Allan Cunningham
Allan Kayser
Allan Melvin
Allen Duncan
Allie MacDonald
Ally Kay
Alon Belua-Balva
Altrina Aiken
Alun Lewis
Amanda Root
Amelia Gildea
Amol Shah
Amy VandenBerghe
Anat Atzmon
Anatoly Zinoviev
Anders Hove
Andi Whaley
Andr Chimne
Andree Bernard
Andrew Bowen
Andrew Bujalski
Andrew Chaikin
Andrew Chavez
Andrew Forbes
Andrew Howard
Andrew Jay King
Andrew S. Gilbert
Andrew Woodall
Andy Gillies
Aneese Khamo
Angela Landis
Angelo Moore
Ania Sowinski
Anita Desmarais
Anita Dobson
Anita Morris
Anjelica Huston
Ann Karen
Ann Lynn
Ann Siena-Schwartz
Anna Bergman
Anna Holmes
Anna Mitchell-Hedges
Anna Raj
Anna Rose Menken
Anna Wing
Annabella Price
Annabelle Lee
Anne Curtis
Anne E. Curry
Anne Faba
Anne Helm
Anne Schedeen
Annette Funicello
Annie Golden
Annika Marklund
Anny Duperey
Anthony Cistaro
Anthony Grey
Anthony James
Anthony Lesa
Anthony Mackie
Anthony Starke
Antoine Fontaine
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