Actors and Actresses that are in movies listed on our site. Find the actor/actress you want and click on their name to see a list of movies they are in that we have in our movie catalog. The listed actors and actresses come from IMDB and sometimes have foreign characters in them so they may be listed more than once. We keep a list of actors/actresses that are in the top 10 listed.

List Of Actors In Movies On The Site (Order by FIRST Name, Example to find Clint Eastwood, CLICK ON LETTER C. Then click on the name to see the movies they are in on this site
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A Martinez
Aaron Christian Howles
Aaron Courteau
Aaron Galvin
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Landon
Aaron McPherson
Aaron Trainor
Adam Alexi-Malle
Adam Brooks
Adam Bryant
Adam Christie
Adam Croasdell
Adam Goldberg
Adam Kennedy
Adam Zamoyski
Addison Richards
Adolfo Celi
Adonis Williams
Adrian Quihuis
Adrian Rawlins
Agnes Spaak
Ai Kobayashi
Aidan Woodward
Aideen O'Kelly
Aimee Castle
Akira Natsuki
Alain Creff
Alan Bendich
Alan Dinehart
Alan Manson
Alan Swain
Alan Wynroth
Alana Hood
Albert Dekker
Alberto Ghisi
Aldo Barberito
Alec Newman
Alejandro de Montenegro
Alejandro Rae
Alessandro Haber
Alessandro Juliani
Alessandro Prete
Alex Ferns
Alex Lowe
Alex McInnes
Alex Rocco
Alex Shaffer
Alex Spijksma
Alex Van Dam
Alexander Allerson
Alexander Hayes
Alexander Walters
Alexandra Paul
Alexis Fedor
Alfie Wise
Ali Davis
Alice Faye
Alin Panc
Alison Bruce
Alison La Placa
Alison Martin
Alison Sealy-Smith
Allan Gotlieb
Allen Gumapac
Allen Ludden
Allison Janney
Alvin Ing
Amalia Fernandez
Amanda Deibert
Amber Heard
Amber Whelan
Amelia Jackson-Gray
Amelia Zapata
Amir D. Aczel
Amy Carle
Amy Kirkpatrick
Amy Yasbeck
Andrea Leon
Andrea Riseborough
Andrea Vahl
Andrei Runcanu
Andrew Bicknell
Andrew Bush
Andrew Chin
Andrew Connolly
Andrew J. Ferchland
Andrew Jones Cassidy
Andrew Keir
Andrew Lee Potts
Andrew Ray
Andrew Stoddard
Andrew Toth
Andrina Hammo
Andrs Garca
Andy Demetrio
Andy Dick
Andy Garcia
Andy Gershenzon
Angel Sing
Angela Benjamin
Angela Lee
Angela Muir
Angelina Lyubomirova
Angelique Hennessy
Angelo de Bianchi
Angie Azur
Angst Argyle
Angus Duncan
Angus Scrimm
Ann Cooper
Ann Gillis
Ann Magnuson
Ann Pratten
Ann Savage
Ann Todd
Anna Belknap
Anna Kashfi
Anna MacCormack
Anna Melita
Anna Strasberg
Anna-Louise Plowman
Anne Cunningham
Anne Marisse
Anne Meara
Anne-Marie Johnson
Anthony Bishop
Anthony Calf
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