Rating: Y7
Run Time: 25 Mins
Save Me! Lollipop: S.1.E.1 The Princes Who Fell from the Sky!
Nina Yamada is a junior high 7th grader who dreams about a prince charming who will always protect her no matter what. One day, Nina "accidentally" swallowed a Crystal Pearl that she assumed was candy that came with her cake. But the Crystal Pearl was the goal of a sorcery examination. Nina becomes the new target by many probationer sorcerers and goes on for half a year. During this whole mix up, she meets two wizard boys named Zero and Ichii and comes to a conclusion that they protect her until a potion is made to remove the Crystal Pearl from her. However, this potion will take about 6 months to complete (done by December). Despite how long it took Zero and Ichii decided to protect Nina. Even at school and at home, Zero and Ichii protect Nina where ever she goes.
Yui Shoji Miki Otani Daisuike Nakamura Akiko Kobashi Momoko Saito
Noriko Namiki Shintaro Asanuma Arise Sato Tomomi Tauchi Shinobu Matsumoto
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Video Save Me! Lollipop: S.1.E.1 The Princes Who Fell from the Sky!
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