Rating: Y7
Run Time: 26 Mins
G-Force: Charge into the Galactor Headquarter E.96
When the ISO intelligence office analyses a horn of a mecha which fell into the Mammoth Canyon, they conclude that with 80% probability the Galactor Headquarters is at the upper course of the Lelo River. Because the river is a gorge, the God Phoenix cannot fly into it, and Ryu is left with the God Phoenix at the entrance of the gorge. The other four head towards the upper course of the river in a canoe. However, on their way there somebody interferes with them. Elsewhere, this also becomes a hindrance to the Galactor operation of displaying the headquarters, thus luring the Science Ninja Team there. They capture the man. Going up the river, they come across a sea deep below the earth, extending in the middle of a cave. However, it's the Galactor base. Just before the door in the ceiling closes, Jinpei escapes, but the other three are captured. Jinpei contacts the God Phoenix. Ryu is afraid somebody might listen in and pretends to be sleeping, does not answer the call. Then he secretly takes off and steers the God Phoenix towards the base.
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke Sam Fontana Barbara Goodson Jan Rabson
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Video G-Force: Charge into the Galactor Headquarter E.96
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