Rating: Y7
Run Time: 26 Mins
G-Force: The Spherical Mecha Grapebomber E.98
Joe, heading towards a meeting point, is blinded by a light reflection and runs into a woman. Seeing his mother's face in her, he takes care of her, but another blinding makes him feel afraid. At that time, the God Phoenix is forced into a tough battle because the G-2 is missing. Joe, having returned, does not mention that something is not right with his body, and acts up towards Nambu. Nambu orders him to rescue the young air pollution specialist, Mekker, who seems to be developing the mechas. Nambu also asks Ken to secretly help Joe. Joe boards a Bird Missile and the God Phoenix shoots it unnoticed into the mecha that has appeared. The mecha returns to the base. Joe sneaks into Mekker's room, accuses him of killing people with the poisonous gas he produced and knocks him down. Mekker wails that the world has ignored him, but that Galactor has appreciated and helped him. Joe provokes him, saying that he will let him take out the gun to shoot at him. Just when Mekker shoots, Joe is attacked by another blinding. However, Ken breaks in and saves him. From the speakers, Katse's voice comes out together with poisonous gas, and Mekker notices that he has been used. Ken and the others take Mekker with them and escape from the base. The mecha and the base are then blown up.
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke Sam Fontana Barbara Goodson Jan Rabson
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Video G-Force: The Spherical Mecha Grapebomber E.98
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