Rating: Y7
Run Time: 20 Mins
The New Adventures of He-Man: He-Man Mutant E.18
Key Episode for-He-Man, Drissi and Skeletor. After Quakke and Butthead are captured, He-Man discovers that the Scientists of Primus have created a machine called the 'Mutator' which can change any Human into a Mutant, He-Man volunteers to become a mutant so that he can spy on Skeletor but when he goes into the machine he is changed not just in body but in mind, he smashes the mutator and then rescues Butthead and Quakke. The three then capture Hydron and Flipshot and return to Nordor in the Starship Eternia. Skeletor recruits the mutated He-Man, not realising who it is, and names him Cruncher. Skeletor had Quakke and Butthead captured on purpose, their ship which has been captured and is still on Primus releases a device called the Disruptor which disrupts the council of Primus' brainwaves and with them unable to concentrate the shield around Primus is gone. Skeletor and Flogg arrive on Primus and storm the Council chambers, capturing Master Sebrian and Mara. He-Mans loyal bird, Clobber, recognises that Cruncher is in fact He-Man and Drissi is then able to use her psychic powers to get through to Clobber and He-Man, He-Man realises who he is and is able to change back from mutant form just as Skeletor and Flogg get back and see that Cruncher was He-Man all along, Quakke and Butthead open fire as Clobber battles Gur, Clobber then finds the disruptor and destroys it and Skeletor, Flogg, Butthead and Quakke escape in a shuttle pod. He-Man has saved Primus once more, with the aid of his friends.
Don Brown Garry Chalk Ted Cole Michael Donovan Tracy Eisner
Mark Hildreth Antony Holland Campbell Lane Scott McNeil Doug Parker
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Video The New Adventures of He-Man: He-Man Mutant E.18
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