Rating: Y7
Run Time: 21 Mins
Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Trading Faces S.6 E.6
When Sir Tuxford injures his leg after unknowingly triggering one of the Gummi Bears' anti-ogre traps, Gruffi decides they can't be involved in human affairs anymore and the others challenge him to tell Cavin and Calla so he'll lose his nerve. Sir Victor is called in as a temporary replacement and beats back Duke Igthorn attempting to sneak into Dunwyn Castle. But Igthorn is inspired by Toadwart to disguise himself and replace his brother to conquer Dunwyn from within, so Toadwart traps Sir Victor by pretending to need help while he is out seeing what he can do for Dunwyn. Igthorn kidnaps King Gregor and Cavin, about to speak to Gruffi and Zummi, sees the apparent Sir Victor leaving with something hidden. The follow him and learn of the situation, but stopping Igthorn and freeing King Gregor, while keeping the Gummis from being seen the whole time, is going to be harder to figure out.
Corey Burton Brian Cummings Jim Cummings June Foray Noelle North
Will Ryan Michael Rye R.J. Williams
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Video Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Trading Faces S.6 E.6
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