Rating: Y7
Run Time: 22 Mins
Bakugan New Vestroia: Gate Crashers S.2 E.11
Dan, Runo, Mira, Baron, Lync, Gus and Spectra all make it through the gate and end up on Earth. Marucho polishes off Shadow in their brawl and Ace and Shun agree to take out another dimension controller. Back on Earth, Spectra kidnaps Runo and the Brawlers search for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Michael tries to restore the dimension transporter. Spectra tells Dan that he should join the Vexos in saving the Bakugan. They say that the Vestal Prince Hydron is their actual enemy. Realizing their similarities, Mira believes that Spectra is actually her brother Keith. Releasing Runo, Spectra tells the brawlers that the original brawlers' captured Bakugan are now stone statues. Lync and Baron engage in a brawl in the forest, with Baron victorious. Spectra's true intentions are to team up with the Brawlers, so that he can defeat Prince Hydron, and then rule all of New Vestroia by himself. Alice suddenly appears using Masquerade's old battle card. She uses the card to warp Spectra and Gus back to the laboratory before transporting them back to New Vestroia. Lync is now stuck on Earth until Dr. Michael can fix the dimension transporter. Dan offers Lync a ride with the Brawlers, but he refuses. Alice's kind heart offers Lync a warm meal and a place to sleep.
Jason Deline Julie Lemieux
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Video Bakugan New Vestroia: Gate Crashers S.2 E.11
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