Rating: TV14
Run Time: 24 Mins
Samurai X: The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the Shadows S.1 E.6
When government officials start getting murdered by an assassin called Kurogasa, Kenshin is asked to protect a certain government official. Sano, never one to miss a fight, goes with Kenshin. After seeing the assassin, Kenshin realizes that the assassin is Udou Jine, an outcast of the Shinsengumi. Jine was cast out from the Shinsengumi because he killed people for pleasure, not for the Shinsengumi cause. When Jine finds Kenshin, he realizes he has found someone who he can enjoy fighting against. He tells Kenshin to go back to being a Hitokiri (assassin) because if Kenshin doesn't, he will never be able to beat Jine, and Jine will keep killing people. Jine kidnaps Kaoru, hoping this will speed up the process of Kenshin becoming a Hitokiri once more.
Brianne Brozey Richard Cansino Dan Lorge Dina Sherman Mayo Suzukaze
Dean Wein
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Video Samurai X: The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the Shadows S.1 E.6
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