Fear House
Traumatized writer Samantha Ballard isn't exactly known as a social butterfly, but when her concerned friends and colleagues track the reclusive scribe to an isolated house in the California desert they are terrified to be greeted with a grim announcement: Anyone who attempts to leave the house will suffer a horrific and painful death. The first to die are Samantha's ex-husband and his pretty young girlfriend, whose gruesome deaths quickly convince everyone that Samantha is not joking. It seems that some malevolent supernatural force is manifesting everyone's worst fears, but how to escape from a captor with the power to paralyze one by turning their own mind against them?
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Rating: UnRated Run Time: 85 Mins  
Aleece Jones Matthew Stiller Olivia Price Matthew Montgomery Meredith Barnett
Kiersten Hall Ryan Caldwell Roger Trammell Monique La Barr Zach Wright
Movie: Fear House

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