Under the Bed (English with subtitles)
Jonny Weston stars as Neal, a troubled teenager returning home after a two-year hiatus with his aunt. Left traumatized after a fire at home which claimed the life of his mother, Neal vows to protect his younger sibling, Paulie (Griffith), from a malevolent entity the pair are convinced lives under Neal’s bed. As spooky happenings segue into outright monstrous assaults on the young duo, their attempts to protect themselves and their family begin to fray on the relationship between them, their beleaguered father (Holden) and his new partner (Vander).
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Rating: R Run Time: 87 Mins  
Jonny Weston Gattlin Griffith Peter Holden Musetta Vander Kelcie Stranahan
Bryan Rasmussen Nikki Griffin Tyler Steelman Sam Kindseth Ron Rogge
Movie: Under the Bed (English with subtitles)

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