Reform School Girls
They're sexy, they're beautiful, and they're bad. Bad enough to be locked up in Pridemore Juvenile Facility, where there are no windows, no possibility of escape, and no hope. Voluptuous Jenny Williams, a young first-time offender, learns the hard way that the rules of the outside world don't apply at this reform school. Warden Sutter  rules with an iron fist, ruthless dorm matron Edna dictates sadistic order, and Charlie, the unofficial head of the cell block, preys on the weak. Do Jenny and her group of friends stand a chance in such brutal surroundings? And can they even hope to escape to tell the horrible truth of Pridemore's atrocities?
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Rating: R Run Time: 94 Mins  
Linda Carol Wendy O. Williams Pat Ast Sybil Danning Charlotte McGinnis
Sherri Stoner Denise Gordy Laurie Schwartz Tiffany Helm Darcy DeMoss
Movie: Reform School Girls

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