Love = (Me)3 aka 3-Play aka 3 Play
3-Play adds a new unilateral twist to the classic love triangle scenario. This romantic comedy explores the true life story of three young, independent, smart, sexy and otherwise normal people when they make the choice to forego accepted social norms. Scrutiny and criticism from friends and family force them to constantly to answer the question, "Is this normal?" Told in a series of testimonials and flashbacks, this mockumentary-styled film is a delightful, provocative and intelligent examination of how we order and disorder our love relationships.
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Rating: UnRated Run Time: 92 Mins  
Agustin Victor Argo Evly G. Pacheco Greyson Steele Sean Hamilton
Angelica Ordonez Cice Rivera
Movie: Love = (Me)3 aka 3-Play aka 3 Play

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