Thunder In Paradise II: Sealed With A Kismet
Legs dreams of an Arabian prince, who will come and whisk her away to a life of romance in the East. When her dream begins to come true Bru is both worried and jealous, but she leaves nonetheless for pastures anew. Meanwhile Jessica has dreams of her own, showing Thunder being destroyed when the boys go to rescue a woman. Kelly's frantic calls for help send them dashing to her assistance, with Jessica's dream looking more and more as though it might come true. Even when the immediate threat caused by a local warlord has been dealt with, escape is a long way away, as Spence and Legs find themselves forced into marriages they have not asked for, and Bru is about to be turned into the eunuch in charge of the local virgins.
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Rating: PG Run Time: 90 Mins  
Hulk Hogan Gerald Martin Fred wayne Ottoman Brutus The Barber Beefcake
Jimmy Hart Michael Marzella Russ Wheeler Heidi Mark Kiki Shepard
Movie: Thunder In Paradise II: Sealed With A Kismet

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