Growing the Big One
Seattle radio talk-show host Emma Silver inherits grandpa Walt's pumpkin farm in Valleyville. She didn't plan to respect his last will, which was to run the farm, but loses her job and is forced to accept hosting a new 'green' program. In order to keep it, she must pay off a $75,000 mortgage. To that end, she hopes to win the pumpkin growing contest using grandpa's winning seed line and cultivation log. Neighbor Seth Cullen, the town's handyman (and actually a Stanford engineering graduate), has a hard time convincing her they need to team up.
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Rating: G Run Time: 87 Mins  
Shannen Doherty Kavan Smith Aaron Pearl April Telek Stephanie Belding
Keith MacKechnie Ralph Alderman Alf Humphreys Dolores Drake Eric Keenleyside
Movie: Growing the Big One

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