Courage aka Raw Courage
A trio of long-distance runners are setting out on what looks to be the ultimate adventure weekend: a seventy-two mile run through the New Mexico desert. Things start off uneventfully, but soon the three run into a survivalist militia calling itself The Citizen's Brigade. They are captured by The Brigade, only to be released with a warning from the leader, Colonel Crouse. Their luck runs out when suddenly the militia goes back on its word and resumes hunting the runners. This time, however, they are not looking to capture them, but to kill them. What are these desert soldiers trying to do? And will the three live to run another marathon?
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Rating: R Run Time: 90 Mins  
Ronny Cox Art Hindle M. Emmet Walsh Tim Maier Lois Chiles
William Russ Lisa Sutton Brian Curry Jeff Curry Anthony Palmer
Movie: Courage aka Raw Courage

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