Jane Eyre: Mini Series Episode 2
Jane is able to rescue Rochester from the fire but starts asking questions who set the fire and from whom these strange sounds from the North Tower come from. She is left to believe that Grace Poole is responsible for the fire and does not understand why Grace Poole is not thrown out. Rochester unexpectedly leaves Thornfield the next morning and when he returns he is accompanied by a large party. One of them being the beautiful Blanche Ingram. A mysterious guest visits Rochester. When loud screams awaken the entire house, Jane is asked for assistance in taking care of the mysterious guest Mason, who is badly injured and lies in the North Tower, while Rochester calls for a doctor. Loud noises from the other side of the door in the North Tower keep unsettling Jane and she once again wonders who or what stays in there.
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Rating: PG Run Time: 60 Mins  
Ruth Wilson Toby Stephens Lorraine Ashbourne Aidan McArdle Arthur Cox
Anne Reid Tim Goodman Francesca Annis Letty Butler Christina Cole
Movie: Jane Eyre: Mini Series Episode 2

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