Jane Eyre: Mini Series Episode 4
Alone and without any money, Jane gives up and lies down on the moors. She is however rescued just in time by St John Rivers, a clergyman. He takes her to his home and with his two sisters, Mary and Diana, takes care of Jane. When she is restored to health, it becomes evident that Jane has no memories of the past. The truth is finally revealed by St John Rivers, who was able to find out that Jane Eyre is an heiress to some money left by her uncle. She also learns that the Rivers are related to her. St John proposes to Jane in order to lead a live as a missionary couple abroad. Jane however is torn between decisions. When she hears Rochester calling her name, she realizes that she has to return to Thornfield and to Rochester. Shocking things are awaiting her at Thornfield, the house is almost burned down and Rochester, in an attempt to rescue his wife, is left blinded and his wife dead.
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Rating: PG Run Time: 76 Mins  
Ruth Wilson Toby Stephens Lorraine Ashbourne Pam Ferris Aidan McArdle
Francesca Annis Dan Armour Alisa Arnah Christopher Bowen Andrew Buchan
Movie: Jane Eyre: Mini Series Episode 4

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