The Magnificent Seven: Ghosts of the Confederacy
Chris Larabee forms a motley group of men to protect an Indian village from an outlaw gang of ex-Confederate soldiers bent on continuing the Civil War. Their fee: the princely sum of five dollars apiece. Larabee's wife and son died in a fire and doesn't much care if he lives or dies; his men include Vin Tanner, a former bounty hunter and current fugitive; J.D. Dunne, a youthful, wannabe gunfighter; Buck Wilmington, a gunslinger and ladies man - not necessarily in that order; Josiah Sanchez, an ex-preacher battling his own personal demons; Ezra Standish, a Southern con artist and gambler and Nathan Jackson, an ex-slave with medical knowledge based on his years in the Union army.
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Rating: PG Run Time: 90 Mins  
Michael Biehn Eric Close Andrew Kavovit Dale Midkiff Ron Perlman
Anthony Starke Rick Worthy Laurie Holden Tony Burton Michael Greyeyes
Movie: The Magnificent Seven: Ghosts of the Confederacy

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