The Texas Rangers
Jim Hawkins and Wahoo Jones are stagecoach robbers who head to Texas to find Sam McGee, their partner. Once there, low on funds, they join the Texas Rangers, come across Sam, and decide to run their game by sending Sam inside information. Meanwhile, though, in pacifying rebellious Indians, Jim and Wahoo start to take on the code of the Rangers, and the daughter of the Ranger's major sets her sights on Jim. Can there be honor among thieves, or are Jim, Wahoo, and Sam on a collision course? As a lawless frontier becomes a civilized land, which side will the boys chose?
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Rating: G Run Time: 98 Mins  
Fred MacMurray Jack Oakie Jean Parker Lloyd Nolan Edward Ellis
Benny Bartlett Frank Shannon Frank Cordell Richard Carle Jed Prouty
Movie: The Texas Rangers

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