Novel Romance
Max Normane is the kind of woman that some less creative individuals might refer to as a Type A personality. Her eye for the undiscovered literary gem is famous, and Max repeatedly demonstrates this ability in URBANITY, the literary magazine she presides over. When Max meets Jake Benjamin, a struggling but talented writer whose previous attempts at getting published have been sabotaged by his own egocentric idiosyncrasies and lousy attitude, Max offers him a mutually beneficial solution of Faustian proportions - his seed in exchange for publication. In other words, she'll give life to his child, if he gives life to hers. Despite Jake's shock and outrage at such blackmail, this bizarre opportunity for long-awaited literary success is too good for the frustrated artist to pass up. As Jake reaches ever higher echelons of renown and Max's tightly organized world devolves into the mess of single parenthood, something truly horrific happens... they begin to fall aggressively, angrily ...
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Rating: R Run Time: 91 Mins  
Traci Lords Paul Johansson Sherilyn Fenn Mariette Hartley Jacqueline Pinol
Mikaila Baumel Pia Artesona Kamall Shaikh Thomas Kim Emily Skopov
Movie: Novel Romance

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