Ray Bennett, a lonely video-store owner in the middle of nowhere decides to take some days off his work to think about his future. On the road, he comes across Harley, a very attractive, mysterious woman and ex-prisoner. Having been lonely for some time, he seems charmed and willing to spend some time with her, while she needs a man to help her finish a pretty well-paying job, left in the middle when she was busted for drug money distribution. Intentions differ, plans change and trust is a dangerous word as they make their way into the local cartel boss's business, with $2 million and maybe a new life as a compass.
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Rating: R Run Time: 90 Mins  
Robert Patrick Jennifer Esposito Mike Starr Melissa Joan Hart Mike Hagerty
Michael J. Pollard Colm Meaney Vyto Ruginis Kyle T. Heffner Robert Deacon
Movie: Backflash

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