For Sale by Owner
The town of Emeryville is at unrest as a serial killer is on the prowl. The one who has already piled up a few bodies by craving each one of them with the evil number ‘13’, is having his way. The killer has another remarkable trait of burying the dead in their home ground. All is not good at Emeryville as the town is now going to be hit by a passing hurricane. With warnings of the hurricane telling people to stay inside their homes, the town is deserted as one woman waits for her husband alone at home, before she opens the door to a stranger.
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Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 94 Mins  
Scott Cooper Rachel Nichols Kris Kristofferson Tom Skerritt Frankie Faison
Tom Bower Scott Wilson Skeet Ulrich Forrest Sawyer Mark Adam
Movie: For Sale by Owner

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