The Throne of Fire
Standard muscleman fantasy finds Siegfreid fighting evil personified in the guise of Morak. Morak is the son of the devil's messenger, Belial. Morak is attempting to take the throne of evil on the day of the night in the day, or rather during an eclipse. To escape instant death by flames, before sitting on the throne, he must also wed Valkari. Siegfried who is invulnerable except to fire and gains temporary powers of invisibility (per The Rings of Nibelung), of course, battles Morak to save the beloved princess.
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Rating: UnRated Run Time: 89 Mins  
Sabrina Siani Pietro Torrisi Harrison Muller Jr. Beni Cardoso Pietro Ceccarelli
Dan Collins Stefano Abbati Roberto Lattanzio Isarco Ravaioli Amedeo Leonardi
Movie: The Throne of Fire

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