Recipe for a Perfect Christmas
It's Christmas time. JJ works at a magazine as the assistant for the food critic. When the critic leaves, her boss gives her the opportunity to be the new critic. So she tries to find a restaurant to write about. But when her mother, whom she doesn't have a good relationship with and who's a little wild shows up after losing her job. JJ can't deal with her. When Alex a restaurateur who is struggling and facing the possibility of being closed asks her to come to his restaurant and try it out and write about it. She agrees on the condition that he take her mother off her hands. Alex agrees and forms a rapport with her that amazes JJ.
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Rating: PG Run Time: 120 Mins  
Christine Baranski Carly Pope Bobby Cannavale Monica Parker Kristen Hager
Tracy Dawson Peter Cockett Garwin Sanford Clive Walton Fulvio Cecere
Movie: Recipe for a Perfect Christmas

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