Miracles Still Happen
A fascinating true story, undermined by lackluster filmmaking. In 1971, 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke survived the crash of a LANSA (Lineas Aereas Nacionales Airlines) flight over the Peruvian Amazon. Though injured, Koepcke was well enough to walk and her parents, her father was a zoologist and her mother an ornithologist who died during the crash, had instructed her in jungle survival techniques. Underdressed and traumatized, Koepcke nevertheless kept her wits about her and followed a stream down river until, nine days later, it took her to a logging camp. English actress Susan Penhaligon plays Koepcke in this obscure, Italian-made film that faithfully chronicles her ordeal by insects, heat and hunger.
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Rating: UnRated Run Time: 87 Mins  
Susan Penhaligon Paul Muller Graziella Galvani Clyde Peters Clyde Peters
Movie: Miracles Still Happen

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