Windsor Protocol
Sean Dillon succeeds in locating The Windsor Protocol, a secret agreement signed by Adolph Hitler and the Duke of Windsor, which lists secret bank accounts that will provide funding for the Fourth Reich. Unfortunately, Dillon was unable to stop the most senior Nazi, Heinzer, and U.S. Senator Joplin Hardy from getting a copy of the document. Now Heinzer is bankrolling Joplin's ride to the Oval Office in return for the Senator's pledge to promote the Fourth Reich's propaganda when he becomes president of the United States. With the help of Lenny and her computer, Dillon is bent on stopping Heinzer and Joplin before thay can unleash their twisted dogma on an unsuspecting public
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Rating: R Run Time: 95 Mins  
Kyle MacLachlan Macha Grenon Chris Wiggins Lisa Bronwyn Moore John Colicos
Vlasta Vrana Sonia Benezra Eugene Clark James Bradford Lorne Brass
Movie: Windsor Protocol

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