Fighting for My Daughter
Charming working class boy Eric is moving up by pimping in Martin Duvall's nightclub. He falls in love with naive Jessica 'Jesse' Kerner, who enjoys the luxury life and doesn't have to do a thing. Still Jesse's single mother Katherine 'Kate' Kerner, who always was permissive to avoid resembling her own strict mother, judge Edna Burton, mistrusts Eric. Her bugging ends up driving Jesse in the arms of hard pimp Russell, who hides her. Kate goes looking, but the police sees no crime, so Edna's help is now wanted.
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Rating: PG Run Time: 87 Mins  
Lindsay Wagner Piper Laurie Chad Lowe Kirk Baltz Deirdre O'Connell
Paul Lieber Deanna Milligan Renee Humphrey Christopher Gray Enuka Okuma
Pop Out Movie