Grateful Dawg
Details the deeply rooted musical friendship between Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Includes live Garcia/Grisman performances as well as rare and unique personal moments from the studio, backstage and home-style jam sessions. Interviews with friends and family are intertwined with live and archival elements, creating an intimate portrait of Jerry and David's relationship. Traces the Garcia/Grisman connection from their earliest days as budding bluegrassers, through the creation of the legendary Old & In the Way in the mid '70s, to the Garcia/Grisman Band that highlighted their love of traditional acoustic music in the '90s.
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Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 81 Mins  
Jerry Garcia David Grisman Joe Craven Jim Kerwin Rob Bleetstein
Vassar Clements Dave Dennison Bela Fleck Deborah Koons John Goddard
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