The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point
The Strike Force team is back in this action-packed sequel to The Hunt For Eagle One! Terrorists have stolen a Ground Control Encoder, a new anti-hijack device that enables Air Traffic Control to lock out the pilot's instruments and fly a plane by remote control. When the military learns of the terrorists plans to use it to crash a jetliner into a secret U.S. Military Intelligence airbase in southeast Asia, The Strike Force team led by Lt. Matt Daniels is sent again into rebel territory to locate and recover the stolen Encoder before the terrorists carry out their threat. Can the Daniel's crew stop the impending world war?
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Rating: R Run Time: 86 Mins  
Mark Dacascos Theresa Randle Jeff Fahey Joe Suba Zach McGowan
Steve Cryin Joe Mari Avellana Dick Israel Boy Roque George Canlas
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