Divergence is the story of two people at a crossroads in their lives. Tim Lawson, a helicopter pilot wounded in Iraq and looking for some peace, has come to the seaside community with the dread of his imminent return to the war. Clare O'Neil has lost her husband and child to a drunk driver, and now has sequestered herself in a small beach-front bungalow in the middle of winter. Blocking out contact with friends and family, she exists in a haze of prescription pills and alcohol. These two lost and broken people come together and find in each other the will to begin their lives anew.
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Rating: UnRated Run Time: 114 Mins  
Traci Ann Wolfe Jakob Hawkins Marci Adilman Ben Hindell Jeannine Kaspar
Mary Looram Daniel Harnett Al Cerullo Howard Green Jim Rider
Movie: Divergence

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