Something Is Killing Tate
Days before his birthday and weeks before his wedding, Tate Bradley, a twenty-five year old, African-American man attempts to commit suicide. He survives the ordeal, but from his actions, it is obvious that Something is Killing Tate. The question is: What? Tate attempts to isolate himself to his apartment - hiding from the world. To his dismay, one by one the significant players in his troubled life come to check on him. With each visit, more is revealed about how each family member, friend, and enemy played a role in Tate's attempted suicide - forcing Tate to face his demons.
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Rating: UnRated Run Time: 78 Mins  
Luz Beato Tyrone Caprice Joshua Curls Aaron Amara Davis Myron Davis
Robin Dionne Kevin Nichols Aliza Pearl Jocko Sims Bill Swindle
Movie: Something Is Killing Tate

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