Mission: Impossible (1988): The Haunting S.1.E.9
While studying at Honolulu University, the Princess Jehan, the daughter of a rich eastern European oil baron, mysteriously disappears. Although her body is never found, all signs point to murder, and a very violent death. Though failing to produce any evidence, the police are convinced that the Princess's murderer is Champ Foster, a man from a wealthy and influential Hawaiian family. They moreover believe that he is responsible for at least half a dozen other murders around the USA, but his family's money and influence has literally enabled Mr. Foster to get away with murder for years. Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to find out whether or not Champ Foster really did kill the Princess Jehan, and if so, to find that crucial piece of evidence.
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 49 Mins            S. .E.
Peter Graves Thaao Penghlis Antony Hamilton Phil Morris Terry Markwell
Bob Johnson David Barnes Laurence Hodge Joanna Lockwood Miguel Martin
Video Mission: Impossible (1988): The Haunting S.1.E.9

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