The Nanny: Ship of Fran's S.3 E.26
Fran and Val are going on a Caribbean cruise for vacation. Fran is particularly excited because her psychic told her she would dance on water with the man of her dreams. Maxwell is a bit concerned because if her destiny does come true, he may never see her again. Meanwhile, Brighton is reaching his confirmation. Fran talks Maxwell into throwing Brighton a big party for the confirmation. To kill two birds with one stone, Maxwell decides for Brighton's confirmation that he will take the entire family on Caribbean cruise - Fran's cruise to be more precise. On the cruise, Maxwell vows to leave Fran alone since it is her vacation, but he does everything he can to ensure he and the kids are around her every minute. This doesn't stop her from meeting Steve Goodman, who sweeps Fran off her feet. He could be the man of her dreams as he wants to enter the mambo contest with her. Just before the contest, Fran's dance partner changes. Was her psychic correct? Elsewhere on the cruise, Niles has a
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 24 Mins            S. .E.
Fran Drescher Charles Shaughnessy Daniel Davis Lauren Lane Nicholle Tom
Benjamin Salisbury Madeline Zima Renee Taylor Ann Morgan Guilbert Rachel Chagall
Video The Nanny: Ship of Fran's S.3 E.26

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