Sunset Beach: Episode 103
Virginia organizes a picnic with Michael and Jimmy, but when Jimmy isn't okay with it, Michael invites Mark too. When Virginia asks him to go get ketchup, Jimmy meets Officer Ruiz and asks him if he should report a crime if he knows one. Virginia tells Michael that she doesn't want to leave his apartment. Meg has a nightmare about Ben wanting to show Meg the inside of Maria's studio. She wakes up and Ben does the same thing. Meg informs him that Joan will be returning back to Kansas. Joan wants Ben to promise her not to hurt her daughter. Meg enters the studio not realizing that Ben returned from his trip.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Lance Gutterman Susan Ward Clive Robertson Sarah Buxton Sam Behrens
Eddie Cibrian Lesley-Anne Down Hank Cheyne Timothy Adams Priscilla Garita
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 103

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