Highway to Heaven: The Torch S.2.E.21
Everett Solomon, a Nazi death camp survivor, is engaged in a series of speeches warning people about the growing Neo Nazi movement, which has started a public relations campaign disputing that the Holocaust ever happened. The local Neo Nazi group's leader, Jan Baltic, has scheduled his own hate-mongering speeches to undermine Solomon's efforts. One day, Solomon's son, David, attends Baltic's gathering to call him a liar and provide the facts about the Holocaust. Baltic's henchmen eventually stalk and kill David. Jonathan and Mark - who are helping Solomon in his efforts to warn people about the Neo Nazis - are forced to break the news to the old man, who is suffering from a heart condition. Solomon immediately suffers cardiac arrest. Later, Baltic and his henchmen are celebrating David's death and plotting their next move when the leader's young son (an impressionable lad who wants to be just like his father, against his mother's express wishes) accidentally sets off a machine gun ...
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   ( )      Rating: G      Run Time: 46 Mins            S. .E.
Michael Landon Victor French Herschel Bernardi Mary Ann Chinn David Kaufman
Paul Koslo Robert O'Reilly Thom Bierdz Dennis A. Pratt Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Video Highway to Heaven: The Torch S.2.E.21

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