Rhoda: Joe S.1 E.1
Thirty-three year old Rhoda Morgenstern, who has been living in Minneapolis for close to ten years, decides to take a short trip to her hometown of New York City, where she hasn't been in quite some time. There, she will stay with her younger sister, Brenda Morgenstern, who suffers from self-esteem issues. Rhoda will also visit with her parents, which includes her overbearing mother, Ida Morgenstern, although Ida would rather Rhoda was out dating during her stay in New York. Beyond the blind date Ida does set up for her, Rhoda is immediately attracted to Joe Gerard, the divorced father of the pre-teen that Brenda babysits. Rhoda and Joe, who owns his own wrecking company, hit it off during Rhoda's short stay. As such, Rhoda does whatever she can to extend that visit. But beyond Rhoda and Joe living in two different cities, a Rhoda/Joe coupledom may not be in the cards based on their differing priorities concerning Rhoda's extended visit.
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper Nancy Walker David Groh Julie Kavner Tom Patchett
Jay Tarses Bill Zuckert Richard Reicheg Todd Turquand Lorenzo Music
Video Rhoda: Joe S.1 E.1

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