Rhoda: The Lady in Red S.1 E.5
Because she refused a job, Rhoda has been cut off from unemployment insurance. Her jobless state and not having that safety net makes Rhoda depressed, but she doesn't want to show that depression especially to Martin as she doesn't want to feel like a little girl dependent upon her father. However, among the stacks of rejection letters, Rhoda receives a surprising acceptance letter. Against Rhoda's wishes, Brenda sent Rhoda's comic manuscript about life as an overweight person to a publisher, who wants to speak to Rhoda about it. Louise Shattner, the firm's representative, tells Rhoda that despite loving the manuscript, she can't publish it, but she is thinking about hiring Rhoda for a job at the firm. Rhoda's meeting with Louise coincides with Louise finding out that her star author has just passed away. So that they can talk about the job, Rhoda accompanies Louise to the funeral, which directly and indirectly affects whether Rhoda gets or doesn't get the job.
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper Julie Kavner Louise Latham Robert Moore James Burrows
Byron Webster Bill Smillie Helene Winston Loretta Fury Harold Gould
Video Rhoda: The Lady in Red S.1 E.5

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