Rhoda: Anything Wrong? S.1.E.13
Rhoda is waiting for the sofa that she purchased to be delivered. Despite the between 8am and 5pm delivery time mentioned by the store and the ultimate problems provided by the two delivery men themselves, this delivery is the positive part of Rhoda and Joe's move into their new apartment. The negative is Joe himself, as Rhoda can tell that there is something not quite right with him. She continually asks him if there is anything wrong, he who continually responds pleasantly that there is nothing wrong. Rhoda's suspicions are heightened when Joe agrees to a night out on a double date with Brenda and her blind date, and then reneges. Rhoda knows for sure that there is something wrong specifically with their marriage when two things happen: they don't have sex for the first time before going to sleep for the night, and Joe mentions that he is going to have a chat with his father. Rhoda fears for her marriage if only because twice divorced Paul Gerard may not be the best provider of ...
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper David Groh Julie Kavner Robert Alda Sharon Spelman
Martin Kove Al Stevenson Lorenzo Music
Video Rhoda: Anything Wrong? S.1.E.13

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