Rhoda: 'S Wonderful S.1.E.14
Brenda's heart is all aflutter as she is preparing to go on her third date with her new boyfriend, Jimmy Klein. Brenda stops short of saying that she's in love. Rhoda is happy for her until she hears more about postman Jimmy: that he lives in Brooklyn but that he and Brenda always meet at an unusual location like the bus depot, they always have their dates in New Jersey, and that they can only meet once a week on Thursdays. In Rhoda's mind, this information means he's hiding something, namely that he's already married. This thought is solidified in Rhoda's mind when she learns that Jimmy currently has a bandage on what would be his wedding ring finger. Rhoda asks Joe for his advice, he who thinks that Brenda is old enough to make her own mistakes. In other words, he tells Rhoda to mind her own business. But will Rhoda be able not to speak her mind when she and Joe double date with Brenda and Jimmy?
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper David Groh Julie Kavner Barry Brown Pat Sturges
Lorenzo Music
Video Rhoda: 'S Wonderful S.1.E.14

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