Rhoda: Good-Bye Charlie S.1.E.15
Rhoda and Joe are in the midst of hosting their first party as a couple. Although each knows the situation deep in his/her heart as the party progresses, they confirm with the other during their post-party debrief that the party ended up being an unmitigated disaster. Joe feels that the party would have benefited from the presence of his oldest and dearest friend, Charlie Burke, who Rhoda has not yet met. As such, they decide to invite Charlie over for dinner so that Joe's two favorite people can meet each other. Unlike the group party, there ends up being a disconnect between Joe and Rhoda's perspective on the dinner with Charlie after the fact. Joe felt Charlie and Rhoda hit it off, whereas Rhoda admits she didn't like Charlie, and she's pretty sure Charlie didn't like her, which is true. Charlie, a man's type of man, heaped one empty platitude to Rhoda after another, as he has done with all women friends of his buddies, and as he does to women he is trying to pick up. But Rhoda ...
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper David Groh Julie Kavner Richard Schaal George Loros
Video Rhoda: Good-Bye Charlie S.1.E.15

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