Highway to Heaven: The Gift of Life S.3.E.25
Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment is to try and get cold hearted businessman R.R. Benson to change his ways. When subtlety fails, Jonathan decides to try the direct approach and tell Benson who he is and why he is here. When Benson refuses to change, Jonathan tells him to read the Bible. And it's during the night that a burglar breaks in and shoots Benson. Later Jonathan and Mark find Benson but he's now a spirit. That's when Jonathan takes him on a tour of his life and what he has done. Upon seeing that Jonathan tells him he's being given the opportunity to relive the last week of his life. And he tries to do the right thing this time.
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   ( )      Rating: G      Run Time: 46 Mins            S. .E.
Michael Landon Victor French Leslie Nielsen Donna Mitchell F. William Parker
Mark Tapscott Lynda Aldon Paul Keith Tom Nibley Ken Sansom
Video Highway to Heaven: The Gift of Life S.3.E.25

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