Wings: Happy Holidays S.5 E.11
Fay has roped the others into helping her put on a Christmas party for the children's center. They start to rethink their generosity, however, when Fay starts to get overbearing about everyone getting it perfect. Lowell will be playing Santa Claus and Antonio agrees to be his "dumb elf." Meanwhile, Lowell's ex-wife Bunny returns for a wedding, and she and Antonio share an intimate moment. Racked with guilt, Antonio reports for duty and strives for the best way to tell Lowell that he slept with Lowell's ex. Fay's party seems further doomed when Joe's "perfect" Christmas tree self-destructs, Helen has invited the wrong children, and Brian and Alex are fighting over going to her parents' house. When group chaos and violence ensues, a wandering troupe of carolers interrupt, causing the combantants to pause for a moment to consider the true meaning of Christmas.
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 22 Mins            S. .E.
Tim Daly Steven Weber Crystal Bernard Thomas Haden Church David Schramm
Rebecca Schull Tony Shalhoub Farrah Forke Laura Innes Nicholas LaCasale
Video Wings: Happy Holidays S.5 E.11

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