Sunset Beach: Episode 117
Everybody runs into Ben's house and Ricardo stops the fire. Ben is not aware of what's happening. Ricardo is pleased to see Ben covered with guilt over Maria's death. Ricardo warns Meg to stay away from Ben, while Tim arrives and comforts Meg in front of Ben. Meg apologizes to Ben and leaves, while he convinces himself that the best thing is that Meg is far away from him. Gabi has secret plans. She wants Mark to help her find an apartment. She lies to him about Ricardo making a move on her. Michael feels that Alex is hiding something from him, and they talk about Casey, trying to convince him to move on with his life, just like Rae did. Later on, Michael tries to persuade Alex to tell him the truth. Finally, Alex breaks and wants Michael to help her go to the doctor, but she doesn't want Casey to know anything about it.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Timothy Adams Peter Barton Sarah Buxton Hank Cheyne Priscilla Garita
Jason George Dax Griffin Clive Robertson Nick Stabile Susan Ward
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 117

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