Sunset Beach: Episode 119
Meg believes that Ben didn't kill his wife and she berates herself for putting on Maria's dress, while Tim believes Ben is very dangerous. Meg an Ben talk and she apologizes once again. When Ben leaves to the beach, Meg returns to Maria's studio, takes her diary and reads a new passage. Olivia can't wait for the results of the pregnancy test in the hospital, so she goes home and almost starts drinking again. Cole and Caitlin announce that they'll stay in Sunset Beach. Cole wants to keep the short romance between him and Olivia a secret. Alex is afraid that Casey will break under pressure if she tells him that she has cancer, especially now that Rae left him. She promises to Michael that she'll say the truth to soon. Casey informs Alex about Rae and Wei-Lee's wedding. Michael tells Casey that now he should spend a lot of time with Alex.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Timothy Adams Sam Behrens Sarah Buxton Eddie Cibrian Russell Curry
Vanessa Dorman Lesley-Anne Down Jason George Dax Griffin Clive Robertson
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 119

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