Skins: Effy (Subs)
Effy is unhappy when she sees that everybody seems to find Katie more popular than herself,even Freddie. Katie is even more popular when she invites everybody to a party - except Cook,who gate-crashes it anyway. At the party Effy gets back her status as the focus of attention when she brings some magic mushrooms,but she ends up taking a bad trip and fighting with Katie,whom she puts into hospital. She tries to visit her but is rejected and wakes up in a stolen car driven by Cook.
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   ( )      Rating: M      Run Time: 45 Mins            S. .E.
Kaya Scodelario Jack O'Connell Megan Prescott Luke Pasqualino Ollie Barbieri
Kathryn Prescott Merveille Lukeba Lisa Backwell Lily Loveless Toby Longworth
Video Skins: Effy (Subs)

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