Jane Eyre (1983): Episode #1.6
Rochester returns with a house party. The guests cover a cross-section of high-society, among them the Ingram family, including the opinionated, aristocratic Lady Ingram and her striking daughter Blanche. Soon it's the understanding of the entire household (not least Lady Ingram) that Blanche is the perfect match for Rochester. Despite Jane's obvious discomfort at the patronizing treatment she receives, Rochester insists that she attend the evening soirees at every opportunity. One evening, Rochester asks Jane if she thinks he should fulfill the gossips' predictions and propose. In Jane's opinion, is he in love with Blanche? Jane counters that she knows nothing of love. But any hopes she might once have had for herself are now truly crushed. Later, the mood of the party darkens as Rochester suggests playing some dangerous games
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 30 Mins            S. .E.
Judy Cornwell Kate David Zelah Clarke Christopher Burgess Tracey Childs
Joyce Cummings Timothy Dalton David Dodimead Carol Gillies Gabrielle Glaister
Video Jane Eyre (1983): Episode #1.6

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