Cybill: Cybill Does Diary S.3.E.6
Stunned to see her own face transposed onto another actress' body for the cover of a porn video - The Last Picture Ho - Cybill marches off to complain to the distributor, only for her and Maryann to be challenged to produce their own erotic script within one week. Unfortunately, Ira e-mails the wrong file - and Zoey's memoir of losing her virginity in Italy nearly hits the screen.
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   ( )      Rating: G      Run Time: 24 Mins            S. .E.
Cybill Shepherd Christine Baranski Dedee Pfeiffer Alicia Witt Peter Krause
Alan Rosenberg Jane Kaczmarek John Michael Higgins Jim Pirri Tawnni Cable
Video Cybill: Cybill Does Diary S.3.E.6

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