Rhoda: Whattaya Think It's There For? S.1 E.17
Joe's business is in such a dire financial situation that they are cutting Mae to part-time, with Rhoda filling in for Mae's cut time for free. On Rhoda's first day, Joe and Justin learn that the business will go bankrupt unless there is an immediate $7,000 infusion of cash. Rhoda convinces a reluctant Joe to ask her father for a $7,000 loan as Ida, who sensed something was wrong with Rhoda and was so relieved to learn that it was not something bedroom related in Rhoda and Joe's marriage, stated explicitly that she and Martin would help them financially in any way they could. Joe still has a difficult time asking Martin for the loan, as much as an embarrassed Martin has a difficult time having to say no, if only because he cannot yet liquidate his assets, which is where that $7,000 would currently reside. Beyond Ida being relieved in her own right to learn that Martin saying no to Joe's request does not mean they themselves are in the poor house, Joe will have to declare bankruptcy ...
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper Nancy Walker David Groh Julie Kavner Scoey Mitchell
Cara Williams Lorenzo Music Harold Gould
Video Rhoda: Whattaya Think It's There For? S.1 E.17

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