Rhoda: Everything I Have Is Yours, Almost S.1 E.20
Rhoda has noticed that Joe still has certain parts of his life that he wants to remain private, such as anytime time he uses the bathroom for whatever reason, and how he organizes his sock drawer. Those items Rhoda can somewhat respect, although she would prefer if he did open up to her even about these items. But one thing Joe has not even mentioned is that he has been seeing a doctor, the only reason she knowing being the arrival in the mail of a doctor's bill addressed to him. After much thought on the matter, Rhoda decides to open that specific piece of mail, which doesn't state much beyond Joe owing a Dr. Wexler for services rendered. After she reseals the envelope, she plans to tell Joe what she did. She changes her mind when Joe, seeing the piece of mail, quickly hides it in his pocket like he doesn't want Rhoda to even see it. Rhoda still wants to ensure that Joe isn't hiding anything serious from her, and as such does whatever she can to find out why Joe is going to see a ...
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Valerie Harper David Groh Julie Kavner Scoey Mitchell Lorenzo Music
Video Rhoda: Everything I Have Is Yours, Almost S.1 E.20

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